Gun Control?

The debate on gun rights in America is going nowhere.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

What I see are basic levels of crime in America that involve guns (in no particular order):

  • Basic Criminal
  • Mass Shootings
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang Violence

The people executing these crimes are vastly different.

Any type of gun control reform will have to recognize this.

There are Americans who do not want anything changed. The Second Amendment protects your rights as you see it.  No room for debate.

America can do nothing.  Keep things as they are and things will stay the same, and get worse as time goes by.

There are Americans who want a 360° turn – take all the guns away.  You feel that guns need to be banned – no matter what kind.  No room for debate.

America can go the way of banning one type…then another…then all.  The criminals will still have them.  So – mass shootings will move to new areas, only committed by who is left with the guns.

There are a few who lean more toward one side or the other, but are for some kind of negotiation.  Their voices get heard by those who want to stop and listen.

What are Americans willing to compromise on?

Background checks as they pertain to a person’s medical privacy?

American’s Constitutional Rights as they are now?

These are only few of the questions that have come up and are being discussed.  A vast more will be discovered and need to be seen.

A word I keep hearing, but do not see happening is compromise.  I am being impatient.

Compromise is a tough thing to learn and execute.  We hear a lot about it, but when is it actually done?  It takes time, but how much? It seems to feel like giving up.  It is not.  Compromise is something that has to be done. If chosen, this can be tool to be used to solve problems. Let’s begin!

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