A Walking Dream

It is a bright balmy sunny day.

I do not know where I left from, but I really needed to get back. I have things…stuff to get done.

Turning where I thought was where I had to go ended up being only a long shaded high set patio of a bar – the awning and walls painted in a light chalky blue – surprisingly clean from the posters advertising the celebrations that had been scheduled for the night before – I guess it is possible no one showed up?

This was not where I was supposed to be.

Walking through it, I was upon neighborhood sidewalks. Lush green lawns meticulously kept with beautiful brightly colored flower beds. Not a dandelion in sight.

None of the street signs had names that I knew. I wish I could remember what they were – it seems important that I should. Where am I at? There is no one to ask. People are in their homes and I am not the type to knock on a strangers door.

Some turns I take turn up a dead end. One ends with a festival of some sort being held. Only a few groups of people there, and their attention is focused on something. I cannot hear or see what it is. A tall fence gate is between me and them – and I am agoraphobic anyhow – time to move on…I am enjoying my leisurely walk to nowhere.

I encounter kids slowly riding their bikes in the street. I pass a mother unloading a small black shiny metal wagon from her parked minivan in her driveway. At first she looks grumpy – then I smile at her, and she looks back at me with a relieved smile and continues on with her business adding more of a bounce to her steps. I am glad she is happy again.

Up until now I had my earbuds in. I cannot recall what music was playing. I did decide that now they can be put away into the small red purse hanging crossways on my shoulders. I realize while doing this that I do not have my id or anything really of significance that I probably should be carrying…

An underlying feeling of panic is with me – I should return to where I came from. But, I just keep walking making turns and crosses on different streets…somehow knowing at this point that the path will not lead me back to where I left from. Wherever I walk – that is where my destination will be.

The sidewalks disappear…I am now waking in the street. What kind of neighborhood has homes but no sidewalks?

I continue walking ahead along this street fully expecting another stop to it ….but what the hell, let’s keep walking…that was what I thought – even though I was alone. I felt very alone, yet liking it all the same…the solitude was nice right now.

Whew! A hill of grass about as tall as I am. Yet, I can see over it. Below is a two way street desolate, but modern – the kind with a tiny grass island in between the ways where streetlights are posted with a bit of suburban decoration speckle here and there. A bit further is more grass…and after…the most serene blue body of water with tiny waves that goes on and on.

I get to the top of the hill. There are many wide short white stone steps that slope down sharply giving me a dizzy feeling.. DON’T LOOK DOWN – LOOK AWAY! I look to the side. There is an enormous alabaster stone statue. I am thinking it a re-creation of something…ancient Egyptian. The feet would fill the back of a 4×4 truck bed perfectly. I look straight to see a wide flowing robe…maybe it is Greek then? I do not look up. I am still dizzy from the steps – which I walk down eyes fixated on the water.

The sidewalk is back, shaded by trees….

I can see more sidewalk ahead, and I eventually want to cross that road to get closer to that water…
but now is the time …I start to wake up, and I do not want to!!

I simply awaken with a feeling of clarity and peacefulness that I have not had in a very long time.

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2 Responses to A Walking Dream

  1. kronieken says:

    Love this

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