A Little Something I’ve Given To And Have Learned An Important Thing Or Two


I am a fan of all ACD’s Sherlock Holmes from before Granada to the BBC, A Star Trek geek, Sci-Fi and Super Hero genre.  I love this plot!

Crowdfunds can take for granted one of the most important aspects behind a funding of any project – The connection that binds that personal heartfelt belief the backers have for a project and the the people who create them.

Contributors work hard to put money on the table to support their family, to buy gas for the car, current and future college funding – the reasons are different and endless. Right now for so many who do what they have to do, that it is nearly not enough to cover it all – much less to help others by giving up even a penny.  For people who give to a project, what is behind their earnings have the same value to them as what the fund creator puts into it.

In the early beginning stage for Blood Kiss, I think that a true appreciation for both the creators and backers is there.  It reflects on how much will go into the making and quality of the finished product.

Take some time…grab a delicious beverage…get comfortable and take a look at the abundance of information regarding professional, personal and funding budgeting that is out there for Blood Kiss:


Website: www.PledgeBloodKiss.com

How the people behind Blood Kiss have impacted my decision to be a backer:

Mr Michael Reaeves –  His bio on experience speaks for itself. He has Parkinson’s.  CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a form of Muscular Dystrophy) runs in my family.  My mom has it.  Mr. Reaves…what can I say?  He has done and continues to do what some may view as too tough and impossible for him to do with or without his current circumstances.  He does not let any of it hold him back!!!

Mr. Neil Gaiman – The thought I get from this man and his work is that I realize but need to remember more: Swallow my pride. Learn Love. Give Love .Accept Love. Even if I feel it is not enough…It is something…It is better than never and none.  I was introduced to his work via the BBC Radio broadcast of Neverwhere – which was amazing!   His previous works I’ve read and am enjoying more and more, and I find that I have a lot of catching up and fun ahead of me!

Ms. Amber Benson – I recognize her best from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I’ve seen her in other works that I’ve enjoyed in the past and did not even make the connection at the time.  She is boldy moving forward in other areas. She is a person that has known what she wants early on and goes for it!  I myself am struggling with my lack of this and have just begun to find a new path in my life…to find my authentic self.  WTG Ms. Benson! Keep on movin’!

Mr. Tom Mandrake – His graphics I have had exposure to through the internet and it is awesome! I have been a fan and did not even realize it! I am 42 and have not actually opened a comic book in a long long time…time for me to re-explore graphic comics I do believe….

Ms. Daniela  Di Mase – She has reinforced with me the ever so true concept that helping in even the smallest way can lead to getting help in return. I am dealing with issues in terms of who I am…what I want to become and where I want to be in life.  This could be a huge understatement to some that may read this and know how my world has been for the past few months.  I’ve touched minimally on some of it in my previous blog postings.

I have some insight into what Artists, writers, performers, and  presenters of imagination put into what they do by way of personal experience, old and new….Many go unheard and passed over.

This is a group of people…artists… who truly put themselves into what they like and what they believe in, beyond just making a movie.

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