Yet Another Blog Post By A Blogger With Writers Block…Or Is It?

So many things go through my mind when I think about when I want to write about something in my blog.  I’m new to writing my blog. The last time I conquered expressing myself in written word on such a scale was back in college (long ago). Right now, I feel I have a writers block.  But do I?  Am I just fearful of breaking a blogging rule?  Are there rules for blogging?  I really do not read the fine print until I feel I have to.  I am bad like that.

So, I decided to spend specific time visiting other blogs and web content to see what they are up to.   I threw in some reads that are new to me, old to me, and ones I normally would not bother with.  Oh so many to chose from…and there are more that I want to get to.

Many things went through my mind today reading some.  Phew! One thought that popped in my mind was ‘What have I started with myself…writing a blog?  At some point – I may end up curled up in a ball in the corner.’ PFT!


The reality of anything you post online, whether it is pictures you like, tweets, opinions, gif’s, blogs and articles you write – whether it is about business, entertainment, anything really – what you write is personal to you on some level.  It is your work and mirrors your style.  With the reader, you never know what their take is on it. The words and images are out there for anyone with internet access to see.

Here is a list of some blog writing thoughts (in no particular order), that ran through my mind today.  Yea – the following may be old stuff I am sure for the seasoned blog writer.  Some could be common sense thoughts for anyone to apply to however they live.  I use them in different ways in my life and have used them in my blogging, but I did not purposefully recognize the connection to blogging until today.

  1. If you do not want outside commentary –make it only accessible via a required password.  Is that even possible?  I have no idea.  My mom commented on reading my blog for the first time that she felt funny reading it – she felt like she was reading my diary.  I sent her the link, so I was well aware she was going to read it.  But what she stated is true. Which brings us to…
  1. If you write something on your open access blog – it is subject to praise, fair/unfair criticism.  Do not ignore the criticism.  Criticism can help you to decide to maybe change your perspective, if you want, to the respondents view on what they do not like about your presentation (I find I learn more realizing it is OK to change my mind sometimes – it opens up so many possibilities for so much!). It can also go the other way to reinforce and stay true to your original post.  It is what you make of it.  If you post something that would be controversial in any way shape or form be it informational, your own opinion, mention of something you like, fanfic, a personal story – be mentally prepared to handle any negative feedback. The blog post that made the light bulb in my head relight and remind me of this would be Laurie Ruettimann’s blog post Take Criticism Seriously But Not Personally .  She does make use of criticism from others directed at her on her blog.  She takes it all in stride.  One of the best blog sites overall out there from what I read on a regular basis because it is helpful, insightful and gets people talking on anything from fun stuff to some of the most serious topics.  Also, a good video to refer to – because so many bloggers are artists putting it ‘all’ out there – is the highly circulated Grub Street Conference keynote speech given by Amanda Palmer – ‘Connecting The Dots’ .  She feels the criticism’s hurt and turns it into something awesome! There are other views that I cover here that she has already pointed out also, so I must be learning something!?  I hope so.
  1. Everyone likes positive feedback. Take it as seriously as the criticism.  All responses to your posts are important, and the uplifting ones make us all feel good!  I do base this on the presumption that it is not a positive response to a purposefully cruel blog entry. :/
  1. If you are going to do an article/post focusing on a specific person, take care in the tone of how you are presenting it.  If it is not meant to be harmful to that person, but could be taken as such – contact them if possible – let them know of what you intend to do.  I bet it will work out best for both of you.  This really does go for any type of coverage on individuals that you post about – their stories, their work, and their personal life.  Refer to this article on the internet:, and the follow up from the writer – neither is anything enjoyable to read – but just about the perfect example of how things can go oh so wrong.  I tweeted earlier that I did not know which was funnier, the article or the replies.  Upon a more in-depth responsible reading of it all, I cringed at the article and the responses.  It is just a lot of disrespect on both sides.  I do not view too much fanfic gifs, so my opinion of the content of the blog referred to in the article is not so much relevant as to the other two factors.
  1. If #4 brings up a feeling of ‘Then, what I write/post is not being true to myself – I want to be real – no matter what, no reasons to hold back. If what I write brings controversy and/or feelings get hurt…bring it on!’  Hey, alright with respect, I do see where that view comes from.  Some may want their content to raise awareness of already controversial issues and such. A bold move! Go for it!  Maybe give #2 as much attention as possible then?  It may help.
  1. For the blogger.  Be as mindful of writing and revealing your own life and thoughts as you would of others. I have some issues that are not necessarily horrible or bad and a few personal things I think that I’d like to blog about…and just haven’t yet.  Being true to yourself does not necessarily mean you need to put it all out there for the world ASAP or if ever if you are not comfortable in doing so.  I know when the time will be right and the words will come to me.  Maybe it will be now or when I’m 80?  What I mean is, everyone has a say in owning their privacy and deserves what they want it to be – even the most revealing and in-touch down-to-earth people.  Life changes, people change, circumstances change, and attitudes change.  Include yourself in this. It helps for me when I am at a crossroads to keep a closer than normal eye to other blogs that are at the point where I’d eventually like to be at with my writing.  It is cathartic.
  1. For the responders. When leaving replies on blogs…an excerpt from WTF With Marc Maron – Podcast Episode 397 Marshall Crenshaw/Thomas Dolby

Marshall Crenshaw – “I once said something critical about a band in what I thought was a private conversation with a rock writer, ya know”

Marc Maron – “Never a private conversation with a writer”

Marshall Crenshaw – “Ah yea, I learned that….”

(Two great interviews with two great recording artists!  Here is a link:

Yes, verbal conversation and written conversation, public and private conversation are all different bags.  However, the above statements are good to keep in mind when posting replies to a blog.  The blog writer may use your words to come back at you in disagreement or misunderstanding – and if this happens, at least your intelligent and mindful tone might make more sense and may generate a meaningful conversation within the disagreement instead of mindless back and forth crap.

Posts on my blog are personal, with no commercial endorsement or criticism intended. They generate out of encounters with people and situations that I like and sometimes dislike.  Blogging – I like it – writing about some of my happenings and thoughts, sharing with others.  So far, I have not gotten any replies posted on here expressing views good or bad.  When and if I ever do I now feel more confident after writing this out, that I will be able to deal with whatever comes my way – that I will be able to handle the good, the bad, and the ugly with comments, and also the same with myself.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Yet Another Blog Post By A Blogger With Writers Block…Or Is It?

  1. Indigo Sky says:

    Very thoughtful and good research! Oh and I like Cumberbatch and I LOVE Marshall Crenshaw.

  2. I love them both too!! 🙂

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