Opinions and Decisions….Oh…The Insanity!!

What is the source of an opinion?  What is the source of a decision?

An opinion is a decision….right or wrong.

Everyone has an opinion.  Everyone makes good and bad decisions.



You will hear the ones who disagree with you say:

“You are just not informed enough.”

“Get your facts straight then give your opinion.”

“You are wrong – do your research.”

“You did do your research?  You are just stupid then…get back to reality, get your head out of the clouds.”

“How could you have made such a decision when you should have known better?”



You will hear people who agree with you say:

“Right on spot!”

“Glad to know I am not the only one who feel’s this way.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.”


“Could not have said it better myself!”



Both who agree and disagree will say:

“How are other’s that do not agree with us so lost?”

“When will they ever learn?”

“They just do not understand, and that is fine.  I do not need them to.”

“They are so hypocritical.”

“All of you need to stop talking and listen to what I have to say because I am right.”


Very rarely will you hear anyone say:

“Just hear me out with an open mind.”

“I am not asking you to agree with me…just please listen.”

“Yes, I’ve changed my mind on this…pardon me for not understanding what you were saying before”

“No one is right or wrong…it just is what it is…let’s compromise”

“I do not fully agree with your approach, but I know you are trying to get there with love and good intention, and I will help you if I can.”



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4 Responses to Opinions and Decisions….Oh…The Insanity!!

  1. mikeg12 says:

    i think you sum up perfectly how some peoples lives are lived-my advice is to be you yourself-say what you want and ignore those who criticise because what ever you do-will be criticised in life-so have fun be you and enjoy

  2. This reminds me of when I used to be a group facilitator for organizations going through change. I used to urge the members of the group to really listen to each other – not with the goal of showing how the other person is wrong or finding a way to change their opinion, but instead listening to seek to understand the other person’s perspective. Doesn’t come naturally to most of us….including me!

    • Including me also.
      For me, it is something I will always have work on and be mindful of.
      I think it is not something anyone can be totally on spot all the time on.
      There are so many factors and influences for different situations in play constantly.
      Organizations going through change as you went through has also been a situation I’ve been in more than once.
      It is a great thing to have at least one person like you to be in the mix to express the need for listening.
      Ego plays a great role in squelching our listening skills…

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